Renowned singer and actress Rabi Pirzada has announced that her personal videos leaked and quit showbiz after people's bitter behavior.

Rabi Pirzada started his career since 2004, beginning his career as a singer.

After singing a number of popular songs, Rabi Pirzada tried his luck in acting after building a house in the hearts of the people and he won the hearts of the fans in this field too.

Apart from the plays, Rabi Pirzada showed the essence of acting in films as well as modeling.

For the past few months, he has shown animosity on social media after India's special occupation of Kashmir was abolished and expressed solidarity with the people of the occupied valley the following day.
Last month, a video of him along with 'snakes and crocodiles' went viral on social media, after which he was sued by the Wildlife Department of Punjab, prosecuting against them under the Wildlife Act. ۔

A few days ago some personal videos of Rabi Pirzada were leaked on social media, after which they appeared to be extremely stressed and upset.

After the videos were leaked, Rabi Pirzada said in an interview that she applied for action under the Cyber ​​Crime Act regarding videos and images.

Rabi Pirzada said in his interview that 'the leaked personal videos and photos were in his phone and that the phone was sold some time ago'.

He also said that he has also filed an action against him where he sold his smartphone. Deleted content probably contained in the singer's sold phone was leaked after being recovered.

After this case, the actress appeared to be under pressure and disturbed and now she announced to leave the showbiz via a tweet.

Rabi Pirzada wrote in his short tweet, "I take away from Showbiz, may Almighty forgive my sins and soften people's hearts in my favor".

She also wrote a sacred verse, expressing his disappointment at the actress's departure by several fans who pledged to join her.