When the movement for Pakistan was going on, the Hindus and Sikhs, with the blessings and connivance of the British rulers, had on many occasions, slaughtered the Muslim masses in India. These communal riots before the partition of India had been local affairs that erupted for a few days and then died down leaving no significant impact on the people. The 1946 massacre of Muslims of Bihar was the first organized attempt of the extermination of Muslims. At the time of the creation of Pakistan, the problem of refugees became a serious and difficult issue for the Government. The Hindus arid Sikhs had chalked out a systematic program for the massacre of Muslim refugees migrating to Pakistan.

The Punjab massacre planned by the Sikhs were not only on a much larger scale, but they also differed in kind from all previous disorders. They had a defined political objective, and to gain it, controlled violence and terror were used. The Sikhs carried military offensive on the refugees that would end only when the objective was accomplished. They had at their disposal the trained and armed forces of Hindu and Sikh States and had planned the massacres at a time when the Government of. East and West Punjab were busy in the reorganization and, therefore, least capable of paying effective attention to any other matter. The Hindu and Sikh rulers of States played the most heinous and ignoble role in this horrible tragedy in the history of mankind. They fully co-operated with the Hindus and Sikhs in the ruthless slaughter of the Muslim refugees. In Punjab the State troops of Patiala, Kapurthala, Alwar, and Bharatpur, joined with Hindus and Sikhs bands in the systematic extermination on the Muslim population. The State troops were employed in the massacre of Muslims with Hindus and Sikhs who were allowed to kill and mutilate Pakistan Affairs Muslim men, women, and children.

The States of Kapurthala and Patiala provided secret bases to raiding Sikhs and Hindus to operate from Arms and ammunition were al o provided by the State Governments to Sikhs and Hindus for killing the Muslims. The Muslim massacres were not only confined to the countryside, but worse things were also happening in the cities. On August 15, 1947, the day of Indian liberation was celebrated very strangely in Punjab. A Sikh mob paraded a number of Muslim women naked through the streets of Amritsar, raped them on the roads and then cut some of them to pieces with Kirpans and burnt the other alive. In this way, the revenge for the partition of India was taken from the Muslims. The Sikhs were clearing East Punjab of Muslims, butchering hundreds daily, forcing thousands to flee and burning Muslim villages. The Sikh Jathas always attacked the Muslim migrants on their way to Pakistan. These raiding Jathas were given full protection by the authorities. The Sikhs slaughtered the poor men, women, young and old in the cold-blood. The minor children were killed in a ruthless manner in the presence of their helpless parents. Women were raped and young girls were abducted. Vehemently protested to the Indian authorities over the atrocities committed on the Muslims. The Indian leaders did not pay any heed to these protests and quietly sat with the most inhuman and atrocious mass killing of the Muslims of India. The first and the immediate problem, which invited the attention of the Government, was the rehabilitation of the refugees who had to leave their homes to begin a new life in Pakistan.

The refugees, in miserable conditions, were pushed in Pakistan to create difficulties for the Government of Pakistan which was busy in establishing itself. Millions of mutilated persons, with no sustenance, were made to leave their hearth and homes for Pakistan simply to create economic problems for the newly-born country and its Government. The sinister objective was to overwhelm Pakistan with a torrent of uprooted and tormented refugees before the Government of Pakistan had time to set up workable administrative machinery. He moved his headquarter to Lahore to give his personal attention to the grave problem of refugees. Quaid-i-Azam Relief Fund was created in which rich and wealthy people were asked to Some migrants who undertook their journey to Pakistan in trains under the protection of donating generously for poor refugees the rehabilitation of police and army. They also met the same fate. The trains were stopped at certain places and Hindus and Sikhs, armed with deadly weapons, will suddenly appear and begin killing the helpless refugees. They looted everything and left the trains in most miserable and horrible conditions. The trains reached Pakistan with a large number of dead bodies and wounded persons to tell the tales of terrible atrocities committed by Hindus and Sikhs. These were very hard days for the Muslims and the government of Pakistan. The Pakistan Government was in great difficulty the provide shelter and food to the refugees were pouring in large number.

The Quaid-i-Azam was greatly perturbed over the miserable condition of the refugees. He the Quaid-i-Azam handled the situation arising out of the influx of refugees with vision, courage, and wisdom. He made stirring speeches to revive faith and confidence in the distressed refugee. You have to develop the spirit of Mujahids, you are a nation whose history is full of tales of heroism and bravery. Live up to your traditions and add to another chapter of glory ." The Quaid-i-Azam also appealed to the people to extend every possible assistance to their brethren. The people quickly responded to his call and came forward with every possible help and assistance for the refugees.