Dear Students & Instructors

1. Class / Grade 09

  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry

2. Class / Grade 10 

  • Urdu
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Pakistan Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics 

3. Class / Grade 11

4. Class / Grade 12

5. Essay for All Grades (24)

We have launched a very informative blog for the benefits of the students in Pakistan or elsewhere. In this blog you can find Notes of Class 09, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12. Best Website for preparation of a test or examinations according to Pakistan Text Books.
Dear All, Please find below the subject notes available on this Website: –
Notes included MCQs, Short Questions / Answers, Long Questions / Answers. Fill in the blanks with solutions, etc. You can view or download our new written notes according to the various boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education in Pakistan syllabus to improve the knowledge of our intelligent students in a very short time and prepared when examination comes to obtain smart marks and make your future secure. All Notes that we made for our intelligent students are Chapter Wise easy to find relevant Chapter you want to study. Our interest in our Blog. We are very optimistic to create latest notes and thesis for the best of our efforts and provide easy way to find solutions of your home work. For more information please like our Facebook Page
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